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QwikRef - Collegiate Officiating, Training and Evaluation

QwikRef is an online reporting tool that provides cutting edge software for Collegiate Football and Basketball Coordinators of Officials to evaluate, train and improve officiating performance.

QwikRef integrates with every part of a collegiate football or basketball officiating program and can be customized to meet the needs of the Coordinators in providing analysis of the officiating staff, and it can be easily modified to meet new initiatives as they develop.

QwikRef allows users to attach specific video files to individual entries. This lets the coordinator or offcials view the play in question as well as see any written comments.

QwikRef provides coaches with access to infomation about their team as well as providing a mechanism for submitting questions to the Coordinator for review.

QwikRef provides a battery of reports available to the Coordinator, Officials, and Coaches. Coordinator's report provide evaluation metrics for officials and foul statistical data for all teams in the  Conference. Officials are able to see feedback from Evaluators and/or Coordinators to help them become better officials. Coaches are able to see information concerning their teams.